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Vacuum Truck

We Offer Sump Pumping Services with Our Vacuum Truck in Lethbridge

The main role of a vacuum truck is to pump excess liquid waste from sewer tanks, catch basins, oil spills, and more. These vehicles are responsible for suctioning, transporting, and disposal of toxic and non-toxic materials. If you want to thaw your sewer lines, or want to pump your sumps, make use of our vacuum truck in Lethbridge. At McGill's Industrial Services, our team has the skill, equipment, and fleet to carry out sewer cleanup jobs without any hassle.

We Are Sure to Exceed Your Expectations

Employing vacuum trucks and a team of experienced sewer contractors to clean your sewer system is one of the fastest and safest ways to get the job done. At McGill's Industrial Services, we have a vacuum truck with a holding tank capacity of 2800 gallons. This helps us pump your car wash sumps, hold tanks and sump pits, and haul away all the waste in one go. After we collect the waste from your property, we will ensure to dispose of it at an approved dumping site using:

Hot or cold pressure washing

High-pressure jetting

Wet sandblasting

Graffiti removal

Line thawing

Sump pumping

Our vacuum trucks can handle a wide range of jobs like sump and septic tank cleaning, water well servicing, interceptor pit and grease trap cleaning, and much more. Our facility also has a fleet of hydro flushing trucks for hot and cold pressure washing. Get in touch with us today to learn more, or to book an appointment.

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Whether you need a vacuum truck to haul away your industrial waste, or want to outsource it for a municipal project, we are the right choice.

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