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VIdeo Inspection

We Offer Professional Video Inspection Services in Lethbridge

Is your sewer system not functioning well? Don’t have an idea what is wrong or where to dig? If yes, turn to the professionals at McGill's Industrial Services. Our team has the expertise and equipment to offer efficient video inspection services in the Lethbridge area. This method can be used to find blockages, maintain existing lines, and inspect for new installations. In most cases, your sewer lines are buried under your yard or driveway, making it difficult to access. If the sewer problem is major, you might have to dig up your landscape to fix the issue. This is when video inspections can be of great help. Count on us for:

Video inspections (PACP, MACP, and LACP)

Link pipe stainless steel liners

Line locating

Mandrel deflection testing


Sewer video inspection is basically a process where a camera is attached to the tip of a pipe and is let in through the branches of your sewer system. This process provides you with a close-up and real-time detail of what is actually happening inside your sewer system, helping you assess the problem accurately and arrive at an effective plan of action. At our company, we have cameras that have the capacity to inspect lines ranging from 6 inches to 66 inches in diameter. Along with reliable services, we also ensure to offer written reports and colour DVDs of each inspection to our customers. If you have any questions, please call us today.

Sewer Video Camera Inspections

Leaks, clogs, root intrusion, corrosion, and more! No matter what the reason for your sewer blockage is, we will get to the root cause with our video inspection services.

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